About Me

After quitting halfway through a PhD program in Neuroscience, I decided to become a writer instead. Newly unemployed and looking for inspiration, I walked the streets of Chicago with a sketchbook and fountain pen. In exploring this wonderful, incredible city, I quite accidentally became an artist...

Growing up in Kolkata (India), a creative career was not a practical option in my world. After getting a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engg (in India) and a Master's in Biomechanics (in the Netherlands), I started a PhD Program in Neuroscience. But throughout this time, I harboured the secret desire to be a writer. 

Listen to how I took the big leap to a creative life on the CBC Now or Never Podcast and on ABC's Science Friction Podcast!



I draw secret art of my world, making sketches of human activity in public spaces. My art explores the ways in which people live in harmony around one another. It is a way to understand the 'why' of living in a city.

SneakyArt has been featured in newspapers and media all over the world. Most recently, I was hired by the City of Vancouver to be the artist-in-residence on their public transit system!



Every week, I share my latest work and observations about art, urbanism, and city life in a bestselling Substack newsletter.

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As the showrunner of the SneakyArt Podcast, I have deep conversations with other artists who depict their world. With over 50 episodes, the Podcast is heard by thousands of listeners in 100+ countries! 


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